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Download The Updated Diversion Software Review!

Many of you have been asking about it and waiting patiently. The 2023 diversion surveillance software product review is done and ready for you to download from the Rxpert Solutions website. This white paper is not meant to make the buying decision for you. It is meant to get you started in the review process, highlight questions you may want to ask the vendor, and prompt you to consider things you may not have thought of. Ask the vendors about their recommended workflow when it comes to using the software so you can determine ahead of time if this workflow can be accommodated at your institution. Challenge the vendors to answer your questions to the point you are fully comfortable with the product you are considering and network current clients to see what they like and don’t like about the product so you go in with eyes wide open. 

If you make the decision to purchase but don’t have the staff to utilize the software to its maximum potential, Rxpert Solutions offers diversion monitoring as a service (DMaaS) and we welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can partner with you to help ensure your success. 

For more information on drug diversion mitigation and monitoring join Terri by listening and subscribing to the Drug Diversion Insights podcast, or check out our Youtube channel.

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