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White-Glove Service for Cleanroom Garments

The pandemic heightened the awareness of the need for pristine, protective healthcare garments. Cleanrooms require a non-surgical isolation garments program to reduce exposure to contaminants. Pharmaceutical facilities can turn to Cintas because their seven-step program ensures reliable garments and service. Their trusted program entails the following:

1. The representative arrives at the facility as scheduled

2. The facility receives an on-site delivery confirmation

3. Representatives pick up soiled garments

4. Soiled products return to Cintas ISO 9001 Cleanroom facility

5. Cintas team scans and checks for damage and replaces based on strict standards

6. Garments must pass a second inspection by processing through ISO 3-5 cleanrooms 

Sterilization to 10 is also available

7. Representative delivers process garment to customer. Drop ship is available


Cintas has a range of garments and products, such as lab coats and frocks in various fabrics to help manage a controlled environment and adhere to contamination control requirements.

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