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Organization Makes or Breaks a Healthcare Facility

An orderly environment demonstrates care and concern. A tidy pharmacy, patient room, or waiting room can emit wellness and less stress. Meet the company that brings structure and logic to healthcare. H+H Systems brings these attributes to the pharmacy and healthcare organization through their carts, drawers, trays, and more.


Storage, preparation, work, transport, anything is possible with the H+H FlexShelf®. Combined with shelves, modular trays, and drawers, it is a versatile storage system that exceeds expectations.

The Presbyterian hospital in the middle of Brooklyn, New York, equipped its medication storage room with several FlexShelves. The mobile units on casters are easy to move when needed. With the pull-out modular trays with dividers, the staff can store medical supplies in a space-saving manner because of the 30° hinged stopping function.

The H+H SYSTEM is the one-stop storage solution for valuable time, money, and space savings.

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