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Pharmacy owner, do you wish patient information would populate itself? Do you want to know which drugs are losing you money? Do you want to compete successfully against chain-store pharmacies?

BestRx is your answer because you’ll receive a full-service, integrated pharmacy management software solution tailored to your independence as a pharmacy.


This feature-rich solution will not only save your pharmacy money but will also help you make more too. The staff will have—at their disposal—intuitive tools, first-to-market features, comprehensive e-prescribing, multi-dose packaging, and so much more. The software adapts to the pharmacy’s workflows, not the other way around. It offers automation for personal touches that make the patient feel special.

Founded in 1985, BestRx is still a family business and has never wavered from relentlessly focusing on the success of independent pharmacies. The company never loses sight of the needs of its community and provides them with a system that sets it apart.

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