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Medi-Dose®, Inc. / EPS, Inc. Now Markets 2 New Steri-Tamp® IV Seals

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Ivyland, PA, Winter 2022 – To help call attention to Paralytic Agents and Hazardous Drugs Medi-Dose/EPS is pleased to announce two new additions to their growing lines of Steri-Tamp® line of IV Bag Seals. These seals were specifically designed to protect IV bags from tampering and contamination. When applied, the seal’s medical-grade foil outer layer provides immediate visible evidence of a needle puncture. Removal of the outer layer leaves a printed “OPENED” warning on the container that immediately alerts practitioners that the medication has been accessed. Once removed, the seal can’t be reapplied.

Designed to withstand freezing temperatures down to -20 degrees Centigrade, Steri-Tamp®’s powerful adhesive seal has been shown to be over three times stronger than others on the market and provides a 100% sterile barrier. Bag seals are available in red, blue, a new orange one with a PARALYTIC AGENT imprint, yellow with either a CHEMO or a new HAZARDOUS DRUG imprint and a green belly button style. The seals are in compliance with both ISMP and USP <800> guidelines. Additionally, vial seals are available in three colors and sizes (13 mm red, 20 mm silver, and 28 mm blue) and syringe seals for syringes and other medication packaging in either solid or translucent red. All Steri-Tamp® products are packaged in a convenient USP <797> compliant dispenser.

“We’re always looking for ways to help pharmacists and nurses streamline their practices but maintain control and protection over the meds they dispense,” says Bob Braverman, President of Medi-Dose/EPS. “The Steri-Tamp® line of bag, vial and syringe seals help practitioners accomplish this in a cost-effective manner. These products are an excellent addition to the fight against contamination, tampering and accidental double dosing.”

ABOUT MEDI-DOSE, INC. / EPS, INC. – For over 50 years, Medi-Dose / EPS has been working with pharmacists to develop cost-effective solutions that promote medication safety and error prevention.


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