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7 Benefits of Using an Integrated IVR System at Your Pharmacy

Using pharmacy management software helps to streamline many aspects of your pharmacy’s daily operations. You can also take advantage of other automation tools integrated with your software to make your workflow even more efficient. For example, many pharmacies use an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, which is an automated phone system that helps manage incoming calls. IVR systems route incoming calls through a pre-set service menu, enabling patients to quickly obtain the information they’re looking for, without requiring staff to answer each call. This way, pharmacies can automate answers to common inquiries, including store hours and refill requests. Plus, many IVR systems integrate with your existing pharmacy software. Not only does this help to streamline your pharmacy’s workflow, but you’ll also be able to provide better customer service too. Other benefits of an integrated IVR system include:

Customized messages

‍You can record a customized message that plays whenever someone calls into your pharmacy. Messages can be a simple welcome greeting or a chance to advertise a seasonal promotion or service, like flu shots. Plus, it’s easy to change your general message when needed. Read more >

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