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PharmaLink — Reverse Distribution Services

PharmaLink has been in the pharmaceutical reverse logistics business for over 20 years and has grown to be recognized as one of the nation’s leading reverse distributor companies providing honest, transparent reporting and exemplary reliability.

Company Background

PharmaLink is a Florida-based corporation established in January 2000 by Hilmer Beckers and since that time, has become one of the nation’s premier pharmaceutical returns and disposal providers. Our progressive operations model offers custom solutions to ensure maximum returns credits and regulatory compliance. With our unique advanced web-based reporting platform, Encore®, we provide an analysis of your returned pharmaceuticals to help you make better financial business decisions for your pharmacy. With both mail-in and on-site return services nationwide, we offer maximum credit with every return, personalized customer service, guaranteed compliance, and advanced reporting tools to provide you with the best returns and disposal services.

Product Overview

PharmaLink offers boutique style returns services for expired pharmaceuticals. Our returns consultants provide both on-site and mailin services nationwide. They will maximize your credits and provide help in analyzing your returns for future inventory decisions. Every returns consultant at PharmaLink is trained in all aspects of our operations process and exhibits extensive knowledge relative to the reverse logistics industry. PharmaLink also handles manufacturer recalls and product disposal. Every service offered — returns, recalls, or disposal — is handled according to all state and federal regulations. Our progressive operations model offers custom solutions to ensure maximum returns credits, and our online inventory management platform, Encore®, provides real-time reporting to help you make better financial business decisions. All of PharmaLink’s services are characterized by personalized customer service, guaranteed compliance, and real-time reporting, which provides you with the highest-quality standards of returns, recalls, and disposal services.

Features & Options

PharmaLink has grown to be one of the largest returns providers in the U.S., we haven’t forgotten the reason we exist — to serve you. Here are just a few of the reasons you should consider a move to PharmaLink:

Maximum Credit Recovery: PharmaLink’s Credit and Policy Departments work with manufacturers to assure you receive maximum credit

  recovery for your returnable products.

Audit Management and Reports: PharmaLink provides real-time inventory and credit processing reports through our web-based reporting

  application, Encore®, that allows users to manage their inventory and values.

Licensed and Compliant: PharmaLink is licensed and compliant with all state and federal regulations. Our processing facility is accredited

  by NABP and our systems are SOC 1 Type 2 certified for reputability, integrity, and reliability.

Top-Tier Customer Service: PharmaLink provides top-tier customer service with our dedicated customer solutions department that is

  available to assist customers within 24 hours of initial contact.

Process Controlled Substances: PharmaLink processes controlled II-V substances and completes all necessary DEA paperwork and


Advanced Processing Automation: PharmaLink’s NABP (VAWD) accredited returns facility is equipped with advanced processing

  technology and automation to ensure speed and accuracy in handling your returns.

Nationwide On-Site Service: PharmaLink returns consultants come to your location to perform detailed product inventories and arrange

  for free shipping of product back to our returns facility.

Customized Service to Meet Your Needs: From sweeping your shelves of obsolete inventory, to creating customizable reports,

  PharmaLink is able to offer you more returns solutions.

Additional Product Modules

PharmaLink’s custom web-based software, Encore®, is an easy-to-use comprehensive management suite for pharmaceutical returns. Powered by intuitive engineering, Encore® provides real-time inventory and streamlined credit processing reports with detail that’s unprecedented in the healthcare industry.

Additional Product Lines

Keep your existing customers returning to your pharmacy by introducing RxTakeBack®, a compliant and responsible drug disposal solution for the consumer. With our RxTakeBack® kiosk, the independent pharmacy can run its own drug take back program while helping to fight against the opioid crisis. RxTakeBack® provides a safe disposal outlet for the consumer that is DEA compliant and will help make a difference in your community.

Key Customers

Provides reverse distribution services for the manufacturer, wholesaler, and pharmacy.

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