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DIY Software for Returning Expired and Recalled Pharmaceuticals

The N3PR app is user-friendly and cloud-based while creating transparency throughout the returns and credit process, reducing waste, and eliminating 3rd party diversion.

Company Background

Our extensive knowledge and experience in the pharmaceutical reverse distribution industry reveals that there is too much pharmaceutical waste and confusion because the traditional process is inefficient, reactive, and costly. The company began with recognizing the need for transparency throughout the process and eliminating 3rd party diversion by controlling your own inventory. This methodology was launched to benefit the pharmacy, community, and environment by providing the manufactures return policies at your finger tips to avoid costly mistakes and waste.

Product Overview

N3PR is a software application that creates efficiency and savings by using advanced technology in pharmaceutical reverse logistics. N3PR is the first and only cloud-based application to offer an innovative methodology for cost containment and transparency by connecting each NDC number with the manufactures’ return policies to understand the value of the product. The No 3rd Party Return (N3PR) application is subscription based so there are no hidden fees and expensive estimated fees which are prevalent in the traditional process.

By sending your expired drug return directly to the manufacture return depot, you are in control of your inventory and receive the true credit and transparency you deserve. Sending directly will provide your pharmacy with the fastest credit return possible and eliminate the unnecessary handling which creates drug diversion and waste. When tested by hospitals, retail pharmacies, and LTC facilities via the N3PR application, they found significant cost containment while getting a complete understand of their returns and how to reduce them in the future.

Features & Options

N3PR provides all of the training necessary to understand the application to the fullest extent. Current clients who use this application believe in this methodology as we educate them on best practices to reduce returns. The process is simple and is available 24/7. We believe in assisting and educating our clients to reduce expired returns and provide the most complete and comprehensive process in the industry. Unlike the traditional return vendors, we want to reduce your expired inventory because it is yours and the decision of its direction should be yours as well.

Product Specifications

A recent U.S. government study conducted on the pharmaceutical returns industry found several infractions and opportunities for diversion because of its lack of transparency. The N3PR application is tailored for transparency so you know where your product is every step of the way, solving the unknown of returns. The future of pharmaceutical returns is here and we are excited to present this game changing opportunity to you.

Key Customers

Veterans Affairs Nationwide/U.S. Government

Markets Served

Hospitals, retail chain pharmacies, retail pharmacies, independent pharmacies, LTC pharmacies, wholesalers, and U.S. government hospitals and pharmacies.

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