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Color Coded Sun and Reading Glasses Program by Franklin Eyewear®

Reading glasses price tags are color coded by strength and sunglasses price tags by category. This makes it easy to keep your displays organized and makes re-ordering simple!

Company Background

Franklin Eyewear evolved as Al Underwood drove from drugstore to drugstore in his home state of Mississippi in the early 1980s. Al had developed a sunglasses program that he started selling to convenience stores in 1975, and soon after, he added independent pharmacies due to the need for a reading glasses program.

Al added reading glasses in 1985, naming his line after Ben Franklin, who invented bifocals. After the advent of the baby boomers into reading glasses consumers, it was no longer just about function as fashion became a driving force for the forever young crowd buying them.

Product Overview

Franklin Eyewear displays are merchandised by strength, so the consumer can turn to the panel with their strength, and see a selection of frame styles and colors. Each panel has a color coded label designating the strength. The glasses price tags are color coded to match! The $9.99 retail price opens the door to multiple sales as people have a hard time picking just one, and they want to keep them in many places for easy access.

In addition to reading glasses, Franklin Eyewear offers a corresponding sunglasses program, color coded by category — sports, trendy, and fashion all at $9.99 retail. Also included in the sunglasses program for $9.99 are polarized sunglasses and sun-bifocals. Sunglasses with bifocals make it easy to read your smartphone in the sunlight.

Franklin Eyewear’s easy-to-maintain color coded program with quality and style at reasonable retails and a 50% margin, makes you competitive in today’s market and keeps your customers coming back for more.


“ I was convinced no one would buy readers or sunglasses from an independent pharmacy when so many other places carry them. Boy was I wrong. I first carried Franklin Readers and they flew off the rack. I have people that come just for the trendy, good quality, reading glasses we sell. So I decided to try carrying the sunglasses as well. These have also been a great seller and a convenience for people.”

— Jennifer Palazzolo, Flatiron Pharmacy, Longmont, CO

“ Our customers resoundingly say ‘Great price, great style, and great products!’ We have fortunately noticed repeat business from these customers who are referring others to our pharmacy for your product. CVS is right across the street from our location and charges over $20 for glasses that are inferior and unattractive. We are now proud and happy to carry Franklin Eyewear in our community pharmacy.”

— Francis DiMarco Pharm.D., Wilmont Pharmacy & Surgicals, Scarsdale, NY

“ Franklin Eyewear has been a great addition to our front store. Customers love the quality and price of the eyeglasses and Al is extremely knowledgeable and will get you everything you need to start selling glasses. From counter displays to full floor models, they have everything you need. It’s always nice to walk by Franklin Eyewear at a trade show or conference because Al always remembers his customers and makes a point to say hello. We highly recommend Franklin Eyewear, I wish all our vendors were this great!”

— Alex Doyle, Conley’s Drug Store, Ipswich, MA

Ordering Information

Order online at or call (877) 766-0321.

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