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Unit-Dose Packaging Offers Sky-High Benefits

Hospital and health system pharmacies benefit from unit-dose packaging. With the right type of packaging, it can reduce medication errors and increase medication adherence. Pharmacists will achieve these goals with Sky McKesson’s unit-dose packaging. They will also see improvement in the accuracy of drug fills and the elimination of medication waste.


As an FDA-registered unit-dose prescription drug repackager, SKY McKesson offers packaging expertise and superior customer service through SKY Unit Dose.

Unit-dose prescription drug packaging is suited for the needs of acute-care, long-term care, and specialty pharmacies. Packaging options include high-tech bar-coded, blister-packaged oral solid and liquid medications. Barcoding is placed on every dose, allowing the ability to scan medications at the bedside and improve drug safety.

Customers can obtain brand-to-generic conversion and bulk-to-unit-dose conversion analysis through SKY Unit Dose. This data-driven report is available at no additional cost, freeing time to focus on patient care and clinical programs.

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