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Predictive Modeling for Precise Dosing

The one-dose-fits-all dosage regimen isn’t the optimal approach for patients. And the simple dosing calculator isn’t the best tool for the pharmacist. The pharmacy team can access a precise dosing clinical decision system that predicts the right amount of medicine for the patient, personalizing treatment and improving accuracy. 


InsightRx’s cloud-based precision dosing intelligence platform delivers this innovation that rapidly achieves a therapeutic dosage and ensures continuity of care as patients transition from inpatient to home.

The precision dosing platform leverages patient-specific data, pharmacology models, and machine learning to understand each patient’s unique pharmacological profile to guide treatment decisions.

Moreover, the intelligence system keeps learning from incoming patient data, further pinpointing where the dose should be. 

InsightRX is a very intuitive decision-support tool for a clinical pharmacist to master easily. Importantly, rather than replacing clinicians’ expertise, precision dosing enhances it by allowing clinicians to tailor their prescribing regimens to individual patients and practice at the top of their license.

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