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Workstation or Arm: Which bedside care option is best for your facility?

Hospital IT decision-makers have a tough job when it comes to picking technology investments that will take patient care to the next level.  When deciding between mobile computer workstations or wall-mounted mounted arms, it’s important to evaluate the impact on patient care, your facility’s workflow, space considerations, and of course, budget. To make this easier, we will break down the pros and cons of each point-of-care option.

A Case for Arms

To begin, a single wall-mounted arm costs far less than a cart.  Their smaller and more flexible footprint makes them a favorite for facilities with tight spaces because arms can easily be moved out of the way onto a wall when not in use. Since mounting arms are securely fastened to walls or ceilings, they eliminate concerns about physical loss.  They also enhance a facility’s ability to protect patient information and conform to HIPAA regulations because unlike tablets and laptops, wall-mounted equipment cannot be misplaced or stolen—ensuring private patient data stays where it belongs. The adjustable nature of arms allows nurses and other providers to custom-position them for comfort, promoting more ergonomic working conditions. Read more >

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