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When Speaking Up Is Caring

You believe you’ve just seen a case of suspected diversion, but you stay silent. Why?

The reasons are common: 

• You’re the manager, and lately, you’re stretched thin. You’re thinking, “I can’t lose this employee, they’re filling a needed shift, and after all,

  they hustle and are usually willing to pick up extra shifts for me…” 

• You don’t want to think badly of your fellow employee/team member. After all, you’ve heard they’ve been having “a tough time at

  home lately.”

• You fear if others find out it was you who spoke up, you’ll be labeled “a snitch.” You also fear losing your team’s respect.

• You worry, “What if I’m wrong? How can I insult them that way?”

• Cutting corners has just become more acceptable lately. “We’re all under a lot of stress, you know? Can I really blame them?”

It’s true, the reasons behind the reasons – fear of not staffing well for patients, fear of adding to somebody’s burden, fear of losing respect, and fear of conflict are all strong motivators.

We much prefer control, the status quo – even the illusion of it sometimes. “Why rock the boat on an already troubled sea?”

The problem is, we think all the above reasons are caring – but they’re not. So how is staying silent actually not providing the care we’re meant to give? Read more >

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