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The Rx Linc product from PPOk saves pharmacy customers an average of $3.7 thousand monthly. In 2022, their eVouchers paid over $46 million in patient savings. Your pharmacy can increase its earnings potential for every qualified claim submitted with Rx Linc’s eVoucher program. Get started now.


Rx Linc is a highspeed, secure switch program owned and operated by working pharmacists at PPOk. It provides effective and cost-controlled administration of managed care prescription drug programs.

Not only are there customer savings with Rx Linc, but this service also minimizes errors through its claims network, providing Switch, PPE, and ePrescribe features. Rx Linc is known for its innovative technology in real-time claim adjudication and proactive claims monitoring that comes with comprehensive customer support. More than 4,000 pharmacies nationwide benefit from its cost-effective and efficient data capture services for participation in the data management programs of your choice.

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