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Sterile Chemo Gowns: Your First Choice for Protection. | ISO-MED

Our ISO-MED Sterile Chemo Gown is disposable and composed of anti-static material that is designed to meet USP 8ØØ proof requirements. Weighing 52gsm+/-3gsm, this ISO-MED gown is breathable with PE/PP and offers Level 3 protection as well as protection against impervious and chemo-tested materials. Each gown is individually packaged 1 pc/sterile bag and there are 5Ø ISO-MED gowns to a case.

• Carmustine

• Cisplatin

• Cyclophosphamide

• Dacarbazine

• Doxorubicin Hydrochloride

• Etoposide

• Fluorouracil

• Methotrexate

• Mitomycin C

• Paclitaxel

• Thiotepa

• Vincristine Sulfate

Plus, these lightweight, latex-free gowns are made from non-linting fabric with long sleeves and elastic cuffs. The ISOSCG800 series gowns features seam seals for enhanced protection, and all gowns are double-bagged sterile for maximum cleanroom protection.

1220 Graphite Drive, Corona, CA 92881 USA | 800-797-1405 |

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