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Need New Customers? | Animal Med Express

Your pharmacy is for people and pets.

Have your pharmacy participate in the growing, profitable animal pharmacy market projected to be over $18 billion dollars in 2023.

Animal Prescription, OTC and Nutritional products, are FDA and EPA Approved as required. 68% of U.S. households (your customers) own a pet, provide them pet meds from their trusted pharmacist-you! The monopoly of the vet selling animal prescriptions has changed. Over 42 states now have state laws requiring the Vet to issue a script to the animal owner. The AVMA has also modified their Code of Ethics to issue a script to the animal owner.

Your pharmacy can offer its customers savings resulting in reduced prices with greater convenience than traditional sources. Animal Med Express provides an extensive inventory of pet medications, OTC products, and Nutritional Supplements. Never any fees or monthly charges to be a member of Animal Med Express!

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For more information, or to register for free, call 615-538-1424!

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