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Compendial Sterility Testing—first introduced in 1932—was known as the standard “Policing” test for USP compliance. Clients looking for this type of sterility testing to adhere to USP<71> or because they want it by choice can still look to Pharmetric Laboratory to supply it for their compound pharmaceutical needs.

However, it is now 2023, and Pharmetric Laboratory continues to expand solutions and options and can rapidly offer ATP Bioluminescence to detect microbiological contaminants in compounded sterile preparations. 

Here’s why pharmacies choose Pharmetic Laboratory to conduct this type of rapid microbiology testing:

Significant Cost Savings

Increased Inventory Turns

Less Waste

Enhanced Revenue Streams

The process also meets the requirements of USP while harnessing cutting-edge technology that can help decrease costs and speed up the release of sterile preparations without sacrificing safety or reliability. 

Customers can submit a test through the website with only a few clicks. They can quickly access all of their data anytime, anywhere.


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