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The Next Generation of Pharmacy Software

As the most modern software for long-term-care pharmacies, Axys from Integra is a new way of managing all pharmaceutical demands in a time-saving manner. Customers will know the benefit of the advanced features starting on day one of the system installation because of its intuitiveness. 

The cloud-based software runs in a web browser. The ease of the training, upgrades, and support allows the pharmacy team to care for patients with more focus and freedom. It’s not a bother to learn this system. There is also no need for servers and backups, alleviating the worry of system failure.

The statistics demonstrate Axys’ effectiveness and dependability:

Processed more than 16 million scripts.

Achieved a 4.95 out of 5 on customer satisfaction with the system.

Demonstrated a 99.9% reliability rate, making downtime a rarity.

Integra sees pharmacists as partners, and they know the challenges of long-term-care pharmacy. Therefore, they bring that senior care and pharmacy mindset to solve problems, challenge convention, and produce a game-changing new product.


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