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MILT 4 Powerfully Easy | Medi-Dose

Software for Unit Dose Labeling

64 Bit Compatible

Enhanced Printing, Fonts and Date Calculations

1-D and 2-D Multi-Part Bar Codes

Include Tall Man Lettering, Shapes and Images

Scan Bottles to Import from Included NDC Database

Security Options to Ensure Your Work Flow

Group and Sort Your Formulary

Searchable Electronic Log

Easy Database Networking

Supports All Medi-Dose® and LiquiDose® Laser and Thermal Labels

MILT 4 is the newest version of Medi-Dose’s industry leading labeling and bar coding software. Every feature of this custom-written program was specifically designed to accommodate the needs of healthcare professionals. With our large variety of laser and direct thermal labels, you can clearly identify and easily bar code all medications.

Download Demo at  •  800.523.8966

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