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All-In-One System, Provider Portal, and Lab Only Solution | Pharmetika

Modern Solutions brought to you by Pharmetika

The industry’s leading all-in-one cloud-based pharmacy system. Engineered to improve operational efficiency with our unique design by utilizing automation and task-based workflows. Pharmetika provides comprehensive solutions with flexibility to meet your pharmacy’s specific needs.

Compounding: ElectricLab

• Formula Management: Update formulas in bulk using formula templates.

• CoA Automation: Generate and electronically store all CoA’s for accessibility.

• Activity Factor + Pack Stats: Automated calculations to decrease human error.

• Inventory Management: Receive alerts when inventory falls below a set threshold.

• Lab-Only Solution Available

Prescription Fulfillment: Ion

• Shipping & Payments: Integrated shipments and payment processing.

• Clinic Billing: Manage clinic invoicing with customizable clinic-specific pricing.

• HIPAA Compliant Messaging: Communicate with patients in real time via SMS.

• Order Management: Prevent separate shipments by linking a single patient or multiple patients prescriptions together in an order.

Provider Portal: Ion

• EPCS-Certified: Safe, accurate, and quick electronic prescribing for controlled substances.

• Secure Message Board: Direct messaging between the pharmacy and its prescribers.

• Formula Flexibility: Utilize templated formulas or customize to individual clinic needs.

• Provider Visibility: Ability to view Rx status reduces calls to the pharmacy.

Our integrated workflow allows your team to work smarter so they have the capacity to focus on their mission and the time to do the work that matters most.

Contact us to inquire about API + webhook integration options.

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