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Webinar: How Robust Is Your Drug Diversion Program?

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Date: March 30 | Time: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm EST

Join Invistics and Terri Vidals, Founder and Lead Pharmacist Consultant of RXpert Solutions, on our upcoming webinar titled How Robust is Your Diversion Program? Terri is a seasoned healthcare professional with over 35 years of experience in medication safety and drug diversion mitigation and monitoring.

In this webinar, Terri will share her expertise on the layers of the drug diversion funnel, which provide a framework for assessing and improving an organization’s ability to detect and prevent drug diversion, a serious and growing problem in healthcare. Terri will discuss the key components of drug diversion mitigation and monitoring, including policies and procedures, training and education, monitoring and auditing, and investigation and reporting. She will also provide practical tips and best practices, and will answer audience questions during a live Q&A session.

This webinar is a must-attend for healthcare professionals who want to stay ahead of the curve in addressing drug diversion and protecting their patients, staff, and organization.

What You Can Expect To Learn

• Key components of a robust drug diversion program 

• How the drug diversion funnel can be used to assess and improve an organization’s drug diversion mitigation program 

• How to determine how effective an organization’s current drug diversion mitigation and monitoring program is using a maturity model framework

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