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Healthcare Rx Drug Diversion Solutions | HelioMetrics

Proven. Straightforward. Comprehensive.

HelioMetrics® is the industry’s most comprehensive drug diversion software solution on the market. Our proprietary Diversion Triangulation™ methodology, along with AI, behavior analytics and robust algorithms customized to your policies and procedures, gives healthcare systems and pharmacies a closed loop process for the precise monitoring, detection and investigation of drug diversion while validating compliance to their medication handling policies and procedures. 

Whether or not you have a single EHR and ADC, or you have multiple of EHR’s or ADC’s, it is not an issue for HelioMetrics. We specialize in overlaying all your data sources together to create one seamless interface. This allows you to compare your entire system regardless of the technology. No more jumping between different systems, making compliance and diversion investigation easier and faster to accomplish.

What sets HelioMetrics apart from the others?

• Comprehensive:  Our solution is the most comprehensive, allowing you to do drug diversion investigations, medication

  handling compliance and process improvement all from a single interface.

 Extensive and Robust Data Validation: Ensures that the data ingested into HelioMetrics is reliable and consistent,

  significantly reducing false positive results.

 Data Normalization: Properly adjusts the ranking of staff usage based on actual individual hours worked.

 eMAR Reconciliation: Identifying missing, and/or incorrectly documented, medication and clear investigated discrepancies

  from within HelioMetrics.

 Distribution Reconciliation: Reconcile what was received from distribution with your controlled substance vault.

 Refill Reconciliation: Track refill transit times as medication is moved between the vault and ADC’s, while reconciling the


 Diversion Risk Scoring: Scores individuals to peers on a system, facility and department level providing you with targeted

  lists of individuals to investigate.

 Diversion Investigation Rollup: Pull your data together and significantly reduce investigation time by correlating all needed

  information on one page.

 Compliance Scorecards: Find policy violators “hiding in the weeds” and highlight compliance issues to be addressed at the

  system, facility, department, unit and user levels.

 Customization: The only solution available that will create customized dashboards, visualizations, drill downs, filters and

  automate regulatory reports.

 One Application — all your data: HelioMetrics can ingest all the data for you to do your investigation in our platform,

  eliminating the need to pull additional reports from the direct data sources.

 Auditable Use Logs: Be prepared when the DEA or others request to see that you have been using the HelioMetrics


 Case Management: Share documentation and track the progress of diversion investigation cases easily with others.


Hosted Solutions

Drug Diversion Analytics

Pharmacy Diversion with Distribution Analytics

Prescribing Practices (Opioid Stewardship) Analytics

Managed Services 

Diversion Montioring

Diversion Investigation

Compatible With:

Common EHRs






and other EHRs

Common ADCs

Pyxis ES

Pyxis 4000





and other ADCs

Common Timekeeping/HR


API Healthcare







and others

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