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Protecting You and Others From Infection

You’re flying in an airplane, enjoying a concert, or standing in an elevator, and the person next to you coughs, sneezes, and breathes, releasing particles aimed your way. These particles find their way inside your mouth, traveling to the naval cavity. In your mind, you are thinking, “I hope they don’t have covid or the flu.” 


We live where viruses are constantly top of mind, and no one wants to experience the debilitating effects of infection. This new normal has ushered in ways to protect yourself.

A nasal spray from CofixRx is a safe and scientifically proven over-the-counter Povidone-Iodine nasal spray that can boost your immune system and help protect against germs and pathogens in the nasal passage.

CofixRx creates an additional protective antipathogenic barrier, targeting germs and guarding against transmission into the body. Importantly, the spray also reduces the chances of transmitting diseases to others.

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