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Anda Fulfills Supplies

A supply chain works when a pharmacy receives an ample supply of generics, when the vendor has relationships with over 400 manufacturers providing 15,000 products across all therapeutic categories, and carries a full line of vaccines. These offerings are just a snapshot of Anda’s Supply Chain solutions for pharmacies. 

Anda offers a robust portfolio of products to complement a pharmacy’s primary wholesaler program. Their fulfillment services propel revenue growth programs with pet meds, immunization services, diabetes care, point-of-care testing, and smoking cessation. Anda is also known for their brand and specialty pharmaceuticals, injectables, diagnostic tests, medical supplies, and OTC products.

In an environment where supply issues still dominate headlines, Anda’s experienced distribution team operates with an unmatched sense of urgency, striving to increase the already outstanding 99.9% accuracy rate of fulfillment. This dedicated team picks, packs, and ships all orders received by 9:30 p.m. ET the same day, allowing placing orders late and receiving next-day delivery.


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