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Here’s a pharmacy trivia question. What skill did pharmacists have and apply before the advent of modern packaging? The answer? Pharmacists needed to know the art of tying a knot because they had to tie down caps, tops, and corks to the medicine bottles.

In 2023, tops for vials have come a long way, which is why pharmacists turn to Jays Company for high-quality vial tops.


Pharmacists can order easy-to-use screw-top vials and ovals in various sizes and quantities from Jays Company. The vials come in blue, green, and amber for color coding. Options include child-resistant caps on the vials or non-lock caps.

Customers can also order various dosing supplies, advertising specialties, forms, and different stock and custom labels and tapes—tailored for the pharmacy industry. Hospitals and clinics count on Jays Company for its variety of supplies. Jays works with over 100 manufacturers and can offer many items for its customers at the best cost possible.

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