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PrimeRx™ Provides Pharmacies With Innovative Pharmacy Management Solutions

PrimeRx™ serves as a local or hosted platform for our line of innovative pharmacy solutions. Micro Merchant Systems has the products, services, APPs, APIs, and vendor interfaces to get and keep your pharmacy running at peak performance.

Company Background

Micro Merchant Systems is a pharmacy technology company that has been providing exceptional management solutions to the independent pharmacy market for over 30 years. Thousands of pharmacies throughout the U.S. trust our PrimeRx™ system to manage their retail, long-term care, specialty, compounding, 340B, mail order, physician’s office, hospital and health system outpatient, and hub service pharmacy technology needs.

Product Overview

PrimeRx™ provides essential functions including patient and provider intake, prescription processing, workflow management, claims processing, labeling, dispensing, inventory management, report generation, automated refill, and patient record management solutions.

The PrimeRx™ platform was developed in direct response to pharmacist needs. Pharmacists expressed a need for a user-friendly, technology-based solution that would allow them to add efficiency to their workflows, automate key processes, and better serve patients and we delivered. PrimeRx is a pharmacy tool for nearly every pharmacy service.

Prime Rx Features & Options

- PrimeRx™ Pharmacy Management System Key Features Are:

Customizable workflow and workflow efficiency tools to reduce dispensing errors and optimize pharmacy operations.

Integration with 100 plus interfaces (e.g., wholesalers, IVRS, dose-dispensing machines/robots, EMRs).

Pharmacist CPESN® eCare plan.

Real-Time Prescription Benefit by Surescripts®.

ScriptDrop courier and shipping service integration.

Script Management Partners (SMP) automates immunization

RPh patient payment and profit dashboard.

Compound drug ingredient sheet.

New prescription or patient entry though driver’s license scanning.

Embedded patient communication tools for two-way text and call enablement.

COVID-19 enrollment, billing, and reporting functions.

Remote signature capture functions.

Contactless copayment collection through PrimeRxPAY™.

Cloud-based data encryption and biometric security.

Patient management, medication synchronization, CMS medication adherence reporting, and DIR calculation tools.

Business reports (e.g., profit revenue report, patient profitability report, profitability by drug category, top performer’s report, etc.).

Built-in audit controls (e.g., changes in filling, reversing, voiding prescriptions).

Multiple inventory solution, managing separate inventories from each source (i.e., 340B), while maintaining visibility into the overall

        retail inventory function.

Additional Product Modules

PrimeRxSP™ (specialty pharmacy software), designed for the unique record-keeping, patient care, and analytical needs of specialty

        pharmacy operations.

PrimePOS™ (point-of-sale), built for quick and precise customer check-outs. Inventory management with complete EDI integration with

        wholesalers to control and automate the ordering process.

PrimeESC™ (electronic signature capture), scan and link the patient’s HIPAA signature to patient records in the PrimeRx™ pharmacy

        management system.

PrimeDMS™ (document management system), utilizes Windows compatible scanners to record scanned documents into PrimeRx™.

PrimeDELIVERY™ (delivery module and app), work with PrimeRx™ and PrimePOS™ to process prescriptions for delivery route

        optimization, signature capture, and copay collection.

PrimeMD™ (web portal) workflow optimization tool connects patients, doctors, health facilities, and pharmacies to the PrimeRx™

        pharmacy management system.

Ordering Information

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