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GX Solutions Pass-Thru Refrigerators Offer Specialty Pharmacy Workflow Efficiency, Support USP <797> Requirements

Helmer Scientific offers the only medical-grade, pass-thru refrigerator with i.Lock™ Interlock Door Technology, which supports recommendations for USP <797> compliance while ensuring the safe storage and efficacy of temperature-sensitive medications.

Company Background

Helmer Scientific is a U.S.-based manufacturer and worldwide distributor of medical-grade cold storage and laboratory processing equipment.  We have over 45 years of experience providing high-quality, temperature-controlled equipment used by clinicians and facilities in more than 125 countries. Precise temperature performance and control is essential to the successful storage of pharmaceuticals, and Helmer cold storage products have been designed and developed with these principles in mind.

Product Overview

Pass-thru refrigerators play a key role in providing workflow efficiency and regulatory compliance in clinical pharmacies, sterile compounding rooms, and infusion suites.

Best practices recommend using purpose-built or pharmacy-grade units with forced-air circulation, microprocessor-based controls, and alarms, as well as necessary regulatory and compliance requirements based on application.

GX Solutions Pass-Thru Refrigerators are the only medical-grade pass-through refrigerators that include innovative technology to support environmental sustainability standards and evolving regulatory requirements while maintaining the unique temperature performance requirements required in pass-through refrigerator applications to reduce the risk of damaging valuable medications and vaccines.

GX Solutions support the specialty pharmacy with enhanced workflow efficiency, allowing entry from both sides of the unit for more convenient access to stored products. This is particularly useful when increased efficiency is desired when transferring contents between locations, especially in sterile compounding environments where direct room access should be limited.

GX Solutions Pass-Thru Refrigerators are specifically designed to provide safe and effective storage in three ways:

- OptiCool™ Refrigeration Technology

GX Solutions are powered by OptiCool™ technology which pairs a variable capacity compressor (VCC) and natural refrigerants to:

Ensure optimal temperature uniformity, recovery, and stability.

Efficiently manage energy consumption (up to 50% reduction over traditional medical-grade pass-thru units).

Reduce noise output from the system (up to three times quieter than traditional medical-grade pass-thru units).

 Meet SNAP, GWP, and EU F-Gas initiatives for sustainability.

- Enhanced Performance Requirements

In addition to Accelerated Life Testing, GX Solutions Pass-Thru Refrigerators also undergo heavy-use testing to ensure they meet the rigorous daily use cases in the pharmacy. This includes testing ambient temperature loads, frequent door openings, and extended door openings to ensure temperature performance is not compromised while avoiding nuisance alarms.

- USP <797> Sterile Compounding Pharmacy Support

GX Solutions Pass-Thru Refrigerators support updated compliance requirements related to USP General Chapter <797>. 

Pass-thru refrigerators used in cleanroom applications must be able to prevent cleanroom-side and anteroom-side doors from being

         opened simultaneously.

USP recommends the use of interlocking technology on pass-thru equipment used in USP <797> cleanrooms.

GX Solutions Pass-Thru Refrigerators are the only pass-thru refrigerators available with optional i.Lock™ Interlock Door Technology which electronically locks doors on one side of the unit when the other side is opened. This is especially useful when placed between a cleanroom and an anteroom, limiting access to sterile environments. 

Features & Options

- Professional, Medical-Grade Performance

Best-in-class temperature management, safeguards medications and vaccines.

Only pass-thru refrigerator with electronic interlocking doors available to meet recommended USP <797> requirements.

 Avoids rapid, significant changes in temperature to ensure that medications and vaccines are always in an optimal storage


Designed for noise-sensitive areas such as retail and specialty pharmacies, GX Professional Medical-Grade Refrigerators are quieter

         than traditional models leading to fewer distractions for healthcare personnel.

Energy management reduces operating costs and supports sustainability initiatives by utilizing a variable capacity compressor (VCC)

         system and natural refrigerants to create a highly efficient cooling system.

i.C3® Information Center provides constant temperature monitoring, multiple information logs which can be exported for regulatory

         compliance, and security features to keep crucial refrigerator settings protected.

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