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Go Beyond Ordinary. Be Exemplary.

The Compliance Team will change the way you think about accreditation.

Company Background & History

- We have offered Exemplary Provider® recognition for nearly 30 years.

Since 1994, The Compliance Team (TCT) has delivered innovative solutions to pharmacies across the nation. Our Exemplary Provider® programs elevate your pharmacy to help you meet the challenges of the evolving value-based care era.

Forward-Thinking Programs for You & Your Patients

Not only has The Compliance Team simplified traditional accreditation programs, but we have also developed specialized programs to meet the demands of the ever-changing healthcare community. Our proprietary accreditation programs include Patient-Centered Respiratory Home™ and Patient-Centered Pharmacy Home™ (PCPH). Both programs incorporate standards from Patient-Centered Medical Home, a highly respected value-based care program.

PCPH is focused specifically on advanced pharmacy practices. The program empowers pharmacists to work at the top of their licenses and be part of the patient’s care team in a value-based model. 

Over the past three years, we created the POC Testing, Immunization, and Clinical Disease Management certification programs as a response to the pandemic.

Our Simplified Approach Saves You Time & Money

The TCT approach is unrivaled, and our team truly makes the difference. Our commitment to patient care is built into every program. In fact, The Compliance Team’s standards were developed with these beliefs:

Accreditation should not be difficult or costly to achieve.

Every patient deserves exemplary care.

All program standards should address what matters most to the patient, Safety — Honesty — Caring®.

Full-time advisors work closely with you to ensure you receive and utilize the education and preparation you need for accreditation or accreditation renewal. Our on-site evaluators are trained to look for potential process improvements that can save you time and money.  It’s a personal level of service and care that is unmatched in the industry. 

The Compliance Team Difference From Start to Finish

A one-on-one advisor who walks you through the standards via a call series; and is available throughout your contract term.

Policy and procedures templates — saving you time and money.

Self-assessment checklists to help you attain and retain your accreditation status.

Live and recorded webinars, making the accreditation process flow more smoothly.

Access to our patient satisfaction portal, allowing you to benchmark your quality against other providers.

A three-year payment schedule.

Exemplary Provider® designation.

Providers immediately embrace our philosophy when they start working with us and see how our simplified, patient-centered, and provider-centric standards enhance their existing business models. Our Exemplary Provider programs improve operations, streamline processes, and build more profitable businesses.

Integrated DME With Pharmacy Accreditation

Most pharmacies, whether chain or independent, maintain a Part B DME PTAN, allowing them to bill Medicare DMEPOS. To do that, accreditation is mandated. TCT recognizes the efforts you take to prepare for accreditation. Maintaining our simplified approach, we combined the DMEPOS requirements into our Community Pharmacy program. By accrediting your pharmacy and the services you provide, TCT’s accreditation sets your pharmacy apart from the competition and gives your referral sources peace of mind.

Exemplary Provider® Suite of Pharmacy Services Designed to Strengthen Your Pharmacy’s Performance & Consistency

- Accreditation Programs

Community Pharmacy (The Core of all our Pharmacy Programs)

CMS-Approved Medicare Part B — DMEPOS (Included With Community Pharmacy)

Non-sterile Compounding

Infusion/Sterile Compounding

Specialty Pharmacy

CMS-Approved Home Infusion Therapy (HIT)

Patient-Centered Pharmacy Home™

Long-Term Care

In-Store Clinic

Mail Order


- Certification Programs

Point-of-Care Testing

Immunization (Adult and Pediatric)

Clinical Disease Management

Emerging Infectious Diseases

DMEPOS Retailer Certification

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