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Axys® by Integra — Built With the Most Modern Technology

Axys pharmacy management system equips your long-term care pharmacy business with the best technology available. Axys can strengthen your business now and prepare your pharmacy for healthcare’s future, helping you Care Differently®.

Company Background

Integra sees pharmacists as partners, and we work to help them solve problems, challenge convention, and build a better future. Our initial creators had backgrounds in closed-door pharmacy and acute and LTC pharmacy solutions. They drew on their collective experiences to develop a game-changing new product — one that eliminated the need for paper records in the pharmacy.

From that start in 1997, when our company was smaller and connections with clients felt like family, Integra and its customers grew and moved forward together. An expanding suite of long-term care pharmacy software successfully advanced the goals of institutional pharmacies nationwide.

With the launch of Axys, the industry’s first cloud-based pharmacy software, Integra again proves itself as a forward-thinking, best-in-class innovator — whose pharmacy partners can still expect an always brighter future.

Integra is part of RedSail Technologies®.

Product Overview

The Ultimate Pharmacy Platform

- Axys: The all-new, cloud-based pharmacy management system created for long-term care. Built from the ground up on the most modern technology available, Axys makes training, upgrades, and support dramatically easier for pharmacies. Designed with the advantages of scalability, security, and fast workflow, Axys also offers advanced reporting potential across single or multiple pharmacy sites. For a complete pharmacy platform, Axys integrates with industry-leading DocuTrack® and DeliveryTrack® workflow and delivery management systems.

- DocuTrack: Comprehensive, customizable pharmacy workflow software. It reduces manual tasks and makes your pharmacy more efficient. Access information easily and provide quick and accurate answers to customers’ questions. With one click, DocuTrack’s Unified Search gives you the ability to find prescription status from DocuTrack, Axys, and DeliveryTrack. Performance reports let you see trends in pharmacy volume while customizable alerts notify of any order backups. Plus, DocuTrack’s Audit Assist can quickly process and build all the documentation needed to fulfill a pharmacy audit.

- DeliveryTrack: Compliant pharmacy delivery software designed to manage logistics — from item validation and route optimization to signature capture and real-time delivery confirmation. Use DeliveryTrack to reduce audit risks and maximize accountability. Mindful of expense? Drivers can use any mobile platform with our pharmacy delivery app — designed for Android™ and Apple® devices. Interfaces include pharmacy management systems, automated packaging vendors, UPS®, FedEx®, and DocuTrack.

Why Our Customers Love Us

“We operate a large LTC pharmacy, servicing assisted living, skilled nursing, behavioral health, and residential care settings. We use the entire suite of Integra products. This allows us to optimally streamline our operations, easily retrieve information, minimize errors, and create economies of scale. We have worked with Integra for over 10 years and have never been disappointed with their responsiveness, flexibility, and customer service.”
— John Saliba, RPh, President, Saliba’s Extended Care Pharmacy, A Guardian Pharmacy

“Using Integra’s software ensures a seamless flow of pharmacy content and delivery logistics through DocuTrack and DeliveryTrack, and provides valuable business analytics. Integra products give us reliable, comprehensive visibility across our entire company.”
— Mark McKee, RPh, Director of Pharmacy, Korman Healthcare

“Integra has become synonymous with proactive service. That is what Integra has brought to our industry.”
— Rusty Lee, Senior Vice President, Ancillary Services, Community Health Services of Georgia

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