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Pediatrics Practice Tracks Vaccine Temperatures with BLE Data Loggers

A Louisiana concierge pediatrics practice employs Onset InTemp Bluetooth Low Energy vaccine temperature loggers to ensure patient safety.

Concierge medical practices are growing in popularity as both patients and physicians seek a more personalized approach to healthcare. However, to thrive, these practices need to provide patients a quality of care equal or superior to that of larger health clinics. An important part of that quality is ensuring the safety and efficacy of vaccines.

Few physicians understand this better than Dr. Kortney West, who founded the West Pediatrics concierge practice after working at a traditional pediatric clinic where the volume of patients limited the level of individualized care that doctors were able to provide. West Pediatrics, which serves the greater Baton Rouge area, now offers customized, 24/7 availability to services and support for a monthly membership fee. Those services include home visits where Dr. West is vaccinating children against a range of diseases. Read more >

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