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How To Use Pebble Beach Molds

Download this new, "How to Use Instructions" for The Pebble Beach Molds, and maintain it with your pharmacy's SOP and training records. Simply click on the photo or the download button to view the ad, then feel free to download a PDF copy or print.

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Are you trying to prevent sedimentation of your APIs?

With Pebble Beach Molds, once your molten preparation is thoroughly mixed, then you simply pour all of it at once and in just a few seconds. Thus, avoiding sedimentation and API separation.

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The Pebble Beach Mold

TICKERWORKS suppository molds are heat resistant (250F and 302F), reusable, and dishwasher safe. In just minutes, your compounding team can make hundreds of suppositories. The molds are also dishwasher safe.

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Suppositories made to lifestyle

Whether you choose a half mL, or a One mL suppository size, you can depend on BIOSRX for all of your suppository compounding needs and trust that your patients will experience the greatest comfort with our molding technology.

5 Steps to Reduce Air Pockets

Recoating and Remelting 

Sometimes just one single step in the process can make all of the difference in the world. If you happen to see excessive air pockets on your solidified preparation, you may want to have your technicians remelt and recoat the surface layer of your mixture when it is  cooling, for optimal aesthetics and accuracy. Applying a quick touch up with a heat gun over the problematic areas will drastically improve the appearance of your final product.

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