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First Maintenance Free Automatic Feeder Accessory for Tabletop Unit Dose Packaging Systems that Does Not Impact System Packaging Speed Performance


Chicago, IL - 04/18/2023 - Accu-Chart® Plus Health Care Systems, Inc. has added a new revolutionary accessory to their portfolio to be used with tabletop unit dose packaging systems.  The new addition, the Fillin Station™ automatic feeder, is the first feeder accessory of its kind to ever be patented & launched for mass distribution, and was developed by Innovative Technology Inc., a leader in packaging inventions & progress.   

Accu-Chart is a company that specializes in pharmaceutical packaging & labeling solutions, notably for inpatient pharmacies in hospitals.  They have been a leader for over 40 years in the industry, and hold the patent on a specialized Multi-Flag™ label designed primarily for improved efficiency & safety for multidose vials of medication like insulin & vaccines.  

“Our (Accu-Chart’s) focus over the decades has been an emphasis on providing inpatient pharmacies with the equipment & supplies necessary to create a cost-effective packaging process, with an emphasis on medication error safety to significantly decrease medication distribution errors through proper barcoding, inventory management, & packaging,” says Accu-Chart CEO Tim Cloninger.  

The newest addition to Accu-Chart’s portfolio, the Fillin Station automatic feeder, is the creation of Innovative Technology, headed up by Dick Yisha, one of the original designers of early unit dose packaging systems, and a pioneer in the unit dose packaging industry.  Dick holds numerous patents on a wide array of medical equipment that is in use both domestically & internationally in hospitals & pharmacies today.

The Fillin Station automatic feeder brings the improved efficiency of a feeder accessory by allowing pharmacy personnel to avoid the need to remain at their unit dose systems throughout the entire run of packaging; they can load a full pill bottle or multiple bottles to the feeder, then perform other tasks while the unit dose system packages.  Other previous & current feeder accessories on the market come at the cost of slowing down the packaging system and requiring mechanical maintenance.  The Fillin Station on the other hand, does not impact the packaging speed & requires no mechanical maintenance. 

Additionally, the Fillin Station is unique in that it can be installed onto an existing unit dose system in under 1 minute, much faster than any other feeder accessory currently available.  It also holds up to 1,500 pills at a time; another improvement on other feeders that only hold a fraction of that at once, which is particularly useful for large batch runs of medication packaging.  

For more information you can view the Fillin Station here: To the Fillin Station! or contact Accu-Chart at 847-252-7300, or online at  

Media Contacts:

Eric Muehlhausen 

Regional Sales Manager

Accu-Chart® Plus Health Care Systems, Inc.

847-252-7300 ext. 105  

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