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A Cheat Sheet of the Growing List of 340B Groups

With the recent launch of 340B Truth and with several other advocacy/educational groups using 340B in their names, it is a good time to provide a tutorial on the different groups and their goals. The list below is not exhaustive but reflects the organizations that have emerged over the past few years with the goal of helping to shape the future of the 340B drug discount program.

340B Truth: 340B Truth, which just recently announced its launch on LinkedIn, is the latest entry in the 340B debate.  According to 340B Report, about a dozen people who advise, help run, or work at 340B covered entities are launching the nonprofit. 340B Truth is trying to hammer out a covered entity consensus position on 340B reform and urge Congress to pass it swiftly. One of the leaders of the group, who at this time has asked to remain anonymous while the organization’s 501(c)(4) application is pending with the IRS, told 340B Report that 340B Truth was launched partly in response to divisions among entities over the National Association of Community Health Centers’ 340B reform partnership with Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America. Read more >

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