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#1 in Pharmacy Management Systems


#1 in Pharmacy Management Systems 

The Rx30 Advantage

No other pharmacy software vendor can match our strength and ability to drive increased performance and revenue opportunities for your pharmacy. Period! 

Clinical Call Center, powered by Enhanced Medication Services, drives patient adherence and revenue to your pharmacy! 

We utilize the combined excellence of Rx30 and Computer-Rx (10,000 independent pharmacies) to negotiate payer/manufacturer funded programs on your behalf. 

Clinical 360 | Immediate revenue opportunities within your pharmacy workflow! 

Payer/Manufacturer funded programs brought directly to your desktop! 

myRightMeds | Integrated drug to gene therapy!

Targeted Medication Therapy with built-in integrated gene/medication interaction checking. 

StarGuard "DIR" Profit Protector handles your most at-risk patients!

Our Clinical Services team identifies your most at-risk "DIR" patients...and if you want, they will work the case on your behalf. 

Automation and Integration like no other pharmacy system!

We offer fully automated refills, automated e-scripts, automated patient communications and 80+ integration partners. 

Unrivaled Training, Services, and Support!

Whether it is on the phone or online, we are there when you need us.

Can your vendor do all of this? 

Contact us to learn more! 

800-289-7930 | |

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