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QS/1®’s New SharpRx® Game-Changing Pharmacy Management Solution

Devote more time to your patients and less time to your software.

When Polk’s Drugs opened its new store, it turned to QS/1®’s new SharpRx® game-changing pharmacy management solution. Pharmacist Jesse Murphy saw immediately the system would free him to do his job. SharpRx provides easy access to multiple screens and reduces the number of steps and keystrokes needed for daily tasks. For Polk’s, training became simpler, processing faster, adjudication easier, inventory more manageable and patient communications better. 

“With some pharmacy software, you feel like the system’s fighting you. Not SharpRx. It’s so intuitive to pharmacy, everything just makes sense. Training is easier, so is adjudication, inventory management and workflow.” Jesse Murphy, PharmD – QS/1 Customer since 2015 

Watch the video to learn more about Jesse’s experience with QS/1’s new SharpRx. Scan the code or visit

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