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Convenient and Safe Sharps Disposal with a Compliance Expert

A robust sharps disposal program is vital in maintaining a safe workplace. Properly managing sharps and needle disposal mitigates the risk of needlesticks, facilitates proper disposal, and protects the environment.

As an industry leader, Stericycle understands the importance of compliantly managing sharps waste collection, transportation, treatment, and disposal.

• Safe Needle Disposal:

  Our containers are designed to help you compliantly dispose of sharps and reduce needlestick injuries.

 Sharps Disposal Container and Flexible Service Options:

  Reusable, disposable and mail back containers, as well as full service and self-service options for container exchange.

 Regulatory Compliance:

  Documentation to maintain compliance with applicable state and federal government regulations, as well as OSHA and DOT regulations.

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Contact us to discuss service options tailored to your facility type and size. 

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