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PrimeRx Pharmacy Management System


Pharmacy Management System 

Beyond Dispensing

-Workflow – Freedom to Define your own Workflow

-Completely Automated (Turnkey) Refill Management System – Improve Patient Adherence

-RxSync™ – Sync all Refills to one date

-Two way Outbound Calling, SMS/TXT, Email – Stay in touch with your Patients

-My PrimeRx™ Owners App – Get real time business performance information, so that you can work ON your business, not IN your business

-Inbound and Outbound Fax Integration – through Sfax, a HIPAA compliant fax service

-Report Writer – Freedom to create your own Reports

-Clinical Assessment Module – Capture Clinical Data and Create Custom Care Plans

-Business Analytics – Gather Actionable Intelligence from your data to help grow your business

Other Products & Services from Micro Merchant Systems®

-PrimePOS: State of the Art Integrated Point of Sale System

-PrimeESC: Signature Capture Solution with Superior Performance

-Prime Delivery: Device Based Delivery System

-PrimeCentral: Centralized Data Analytics for Multi-store Owners

-PrimeWEB: Web Portal for Pharmarcies Supporting Nursing Homes/LTC

-PrimeDMS: Go Paperless with this Document Management System

-FillMyRefills: Let Your Patients Request Refills Using this App/Website

-7-Day Live Support: Monday - Friday: 9am - 9pm EST, Saturday: 9am - 5pm EST, Sunday: 10am - 5pm EST

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