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What is TrueBlue™ Service?

Helmer Scientific delivers best-in-class equipment and provides the service to keep it running at its peak for years to come. Our TrueBlue™ service vision is simple: Provide truly different service.

What does this mean?

Our goal is to take the burden off your internal teams and provide peace of mind. With our TrueBlue™ Installation Service and TrueBlue™ Service Partnerships, we offer operational efficiencies and convenience, uptime management support, regulatory support, and high-level visibility of service history and events.

Operational Efficiencies and Convenience

With a single contact for all cold storage preventative maintenance and service needs enterprise-wide, we can prioritize field response to support your needs quickly. Removing this burden frees up your internal teams to focus on patient care.

Uptime Management

Equipment failure is a big problem. It disrupts your day, puts your inventory at risk, and may impact patient care. Our TrueBlue™ service is dedicated to providing technical support resources, faster repair service, improved first visit repair success, and loaner availability. This level of support leads to less downtime and a decreased risk of inventory loss. Read more >

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