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USP 800 Recommendations Will Go Into Effect By End of the Year. Do You Have What You Need?

With the upcoming implementation of the updated USP 800 guidelines, adding Steri-Tamp® to your process will improve your workflow to further assist your hospital/pharmacy in their compliance. Steri-Tamp®'s ISMP & USP 800 IV Bag Port Seals assist with proper labeling to address these recommendations. Steri-Tamp's unique seals combine tamper evidence with the added benefit of reducing label fatigue. 

We offer 3 variations of labeled tamper-evident seals for IV bag ports. 

Yellow Chemo IV Bag Seal - ST7103

Yellow Hazardous Drug IV Bag Seal - ST7400

Orange Paralyzing Agent IV Bag Seal - ST7206

Now available at the following wholesalers & distributors:

Health Care Logistics

Medi-Dose®, Inc. / EPS, Inc.


*We are currently working to make these seals available at more locations. If you need assistance with bringing these into your wholesaler or local distribution center, please contact us at

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