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The Role Of Nurse Leadership In A Diversion Program

Controlled substance diversion in healthcare settings is a serious issue that puts patients at risk and affects the integrity of the facility.

Controlled substance diversion involves the illegal or unauthorized use of controlled substances by healthcare professionals for personal or non-medical reasons. The reasons for diversion can vary from substance use disorder to financial gain. The impact of this problem can be devastating, leading to patient harm, loss of reputation, and legal consequences.

The Importance of Leadership

Nursing leadership has a significant role in monitoring the occurrence of controlled substance diversion in healthcare settings. Nursing leaders understand the workflows on their nursing units so they can identify when a staff member is deviating from expected workflow patterns. They are also in a unique position to identify changes in behavior or performance that may indicate a substance use disorder, as they have a direct relationship with their staff.

In addition, nursing leadership may have access to information related to staff performance, including any issues or incidents that may have been a result of impairment or substance use disease. This understanding can be critical in preventing further diversion, as well as identifying and addressing any underlying issues. Substance use disorders can greatly impact a nurse’s ability to provide safe and effective care to patients, which is why it is crucial for nursing leaders to be aware of changes in behavior and performance among their staff. Read more >

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