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Customization for Cleanrooms

Elevating the operations and security of a pharmaceutical cleanroom includes AirCare Automation’s Control Consoles. These higher resolutions and larger screens offer a vibrant color touch screen that illuminates controls for complete clarity of monitoring needs. The AirCare Automation proprietary software offers single-stop facility management.

Facility managers can regulate and automatically adjust the clean-air cycling speed.


Cost-effective monitoring and control systems allow airflow (FFU) optimization and exhaust adjustment. The result is the added benefit of reducing energy consumption and extending filter media life. With a single touch, a cleanroom can reach target operational levels quickly and easily.

These same systems address sensor measurement, alarm notification, and data storage essential in adhering to USP 797 and 800 requirements and ensuring cleanroom performance. AirCare Automation’s color touch screens enhance cleanroom performance in existing and new construction cleanrooms.

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