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The Automation Ecosystem from Swisslog Healthcare

Look no further for solutions for central pharmacy automation. Your facility will receive the latest technologies from Swisslog Healthcare to streamline pharmacy processes. Their portfolio provides a wide range of software automation to achieve maximum efficiency, transparency, and adaptability. Popular products include, but are not limited to:

• BoxPicker:  Automated Pharmacy Storage System

• PillPick: Automated Packaging and Dispensing System

• AutoCarousel: Semi-Automated Medication Storage and Retrieval System

• AutoPack: Automated Oral Solid Packager


Implementing automated and digitalized solutions can promote more efficient work processes, improved drug dispensing safety, and reduced manual work to ensure more time and resources are dedicated to patient care.

In addition, the pharmacy automation solutions from Swisslog Healthcare are scalable and easily integrated with your existing operations to support the staff with the delivery of medication accurately and on time. 

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