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Crocus Medical Perfects Counting

Easy, fast, and accurate describe the RM1 Pill counter from Crocus Medical. This pill counter is a must-have for a pharmacy where pharmacists need pills counted and dispensed regularly. The team from Crocus Medical knows that keeping up with dispensing volumes is critical to maintaining strong customer service.


The RM1 is a vision-based pill counter designed to count solid oral medications quickly and accurately without calibration or scanning stock bottles. And the RM1 is ideal for narcotic double counts. Pharmacists will appreciate the accessories, such as the “Direct to Vial” chute and the “Bulk Counting” chute that improve dispensing routines. 

The pharmacy staff will not have any setup or calibration requirements—just plug and play. The fast, simple device can dispense in seconds and will not take up needed countertop space.

Crocus Medical improves the safety of medication preparation and administration by developing and supplying specialized error-prevention systems and equipment to acute, long term and community pharmaceutical facilities.

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