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The Coolest Storage

Ruined vaccines cause mistrust, lost doses, and costly waste. A well-run vaccine supply chain ensures that vaccines retain quality throughout the journey to help the patient with health and well-being. Every step requires temperature-controlled environments to store, manage, and transport these life-saving products.

The pharmaceutical and healthcare industries rely on American Biotech Supply—a Horizon Scientific, Inc. company—for temperature-controlled vaccine equipment. Their extensive portfolio of quality products ranges from small-capacity countertop refrigerators and freezers, including special purpose, application-specific models, and cryogenic freezers for long-term sample preservation.


Whether frozen, refrigerated, or room temperature storage, American Biotech Supply can support the temperature ranges for all vaccine candidates and provide solutions for any size requirements.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers continue to introduce new vaccine developments that necessitate new storage requirements. American Biotech Supply stays on top of the market changes and continually innovative cold storage products that adhere to the latest regulations. 

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