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Caring for Independent Pharmacies

Independent pharmacies throughout the United States provide that extra touch to their customers. Shepard Medical Product recognizes these pharmacies’ vital role in the community and has established a unique partnership with their infection protection portfolio. The high quality and affordability of the CareMates™ products make Shepard Medical Products a favorite for the independent pharmacy market.

The CareMates portfolio includes medical exam gloves, masks, wipes, and kits. The proprietary and popular product, Vytrile™ is the unique, trademarked, outstanding synthetic glove. These nitrile gloves are the safest on the retail pharmacy market, tested for resistance to 15 chemotherapy drugs and Fentanyl.

These products help consumers prevent cross-contamination and infection, creating less opportunity to contract and spread disease. 

The CareMates branded line of infection protection products represents Shepard Medical Product’s commitment to keeping the healthcare, home, and workplace environments safe for everyone.


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