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Q&A: David Brzozowski, Sr., President and CEO of Medacist

Stopping Diversion in Healthcare

Introduction: Today, RamaOnHealthcare talks with David Brzozowski Sr., President and CEO of Medacist, about how data and analytics regarding drug diversion can transform the well-being of healthcare systems. He works with healthcare organizations to transform the way to identify, analyze, and prevent drug diversion.

RamaOnHealthcare (ROH): What can you tell us about the work Medacist does?

David Brzozowski Sr (DB): Medacist works closely with clients to build comprehensive drug diversion programs to protect healthcare systems and most importantly, provide patients with the highest level of care possible. Powered by AI and machine learning, our SaaS (software as a solution) platform is built for healthcare leaders to complete drug diversion auditing. Medacist’s drug diversion auditing ensures accountability during the entire drug lifecycle by verifying the individual dispensing the drug, the drug dispensed (ex: opioids), and the behavior (time in/time out) of the individual administering each drug.

In today’s healthcare environment, drug diversion detection is more relevant than ever. Ongoing issues and challenges including the current nursing shortages, burn-out, COVID-19, and the opioid epidemic, require real-time solutions for hospitals and healthcare organizations to accurately track and monitor their pharmaceuticals and prescription medicines. Medacist’s drug diversion programs ensure facilities are adhering to regulatory compliance but perhaps more importantly, protect and save lives. Read more >

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