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American Health Packaging's 2023 Product Catalog

As a leading manufacturer of serialized, barcoded unit dose oral solid, oral liquid, and inhalation medications, we rigorously support patient safety and pharmacy efficiency initiatives with our growing product formulary. AHP’s product catalog is an easy way to reference our full portfolio of nearly 600 SKUs available nationwide through partner GPOs and wholesalers.

AHP’s reputation for quality is supported by more than 30 years of broad manufacturing expertise. Our FDA-registered facility fully adheres to current good manufacturing practices guidelines and is licensed by the Drug Enforcement Administration to package Schedule II to V controlled substances.

Following years of success and leadership in the production of unit dose oral solids, AHP expanded its offering in 2017 to include liquid unit dose cups.

Table of Contents

• Oral solid unit dose

• Liquid unit dose

• Inhalation products

• Return goods policy

• Barcode scanning guide

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