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Make Prescription Collection Pain-Free with the Pharmaself24 Prescription Pickup Kiosk

The best automated kiosk for collection of prescription

Pharmaself24 is an automated prescription collection point, designed to be installed outward facing to the street within your pharmacy. Of course, pharmacies do not all have the same space available and that is why Pharmaself24 comes in different models of size and shape.

Everything has been designed to facilitate the pharmacist’s work, from the intuitive 15-inch touch screen and a barcode scanner to load medicines with ease and safety. In addition, for busier pharmacies the Pharmaself24 our prescription kiosk can have a secure fast loading system.

How it Works

Easy to install, convenient to load and quick to use.

Watch this video to see how simple it is for pharmacy team and patients to use it.

> Scanning

   The pharmacist scans the barcode on the bag

> Storing

   The pharmacist loads the bag into the Pharmaself24

> Notification

   Pharmaself24 sends the patient a unique pin code

> Pick-up

   The customer enters the code in the dispenser and collects his medicines 24 hours a day

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