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Options for Pharmacies to Return Medications

Making returns easy for pharmacies comes down to the following for the team at Pharma Logistics: 

Ensure clients maintain compliance and improve cash flow through an easy reverse distribution system while positively impacting the environment and reducing risk to the public.

From the prompt onsite service visits by the team of experts to the reliable, hassle-free returns that provide timely credits, this reverse distribution service from Pharma Logistics allows the pharmacy team to focus on patient care. The field service representative can handle the entire process, ensuring proper documentation, preparing the shipment, and adhering to regulations. 

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This onsite service involves trained and licensed representatives coming to your location to pull returns from the shelves, complete required paperwork, and pack up returns for pick up by the carrier.

Pharma Logistics offers an easy, lower-cost option if the pharmacy team prefers to prepare and send their pharmaceutical returns. Either way, Pharma Logistics has your returns.

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