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Flexible Financing for Healthcare Equipment

The list of advantages to finance pharmacy and hospital equipment with Americorp Financial is strong:

• Easy One-Page Credit Application

• Credit Decisions within hours

• Fast Process with DocuSign

• Competitive Fixed Rates


It doesn’t stop there, healthcare managers can avoid technological obsolescence with new high-tech solutions, increasing operational effectiveness. They can finance innovation with Americorp Financial and maintain cash flow by spreading payments out over time instead of a significant capital outlay up front, with no upfront payments.


In today’s marketplace, approximately 80% of all businesses leverage financing options to acquire their equipment. 

The financial experts at Americorp Financial specialize in the healthcare industry and understand the challenges they face, which is why they offer a bridge to finance equipment to advance their missions. Financing solutions to fit budget include:

• Rent to Own

• Deferred Payments

• Step Payments

• Annual, Semi-Annual, or Quarterly Payments

• Financial / Capital Lease 

• Bundling

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